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Delicious burgers, macaroni and cheese, panini and other gastropub specialties will truly stand out on your menu when made with distinctive, flavorful Anchor™ Food Professionals Egmont™ Cheese. This versatile cheese is known for its slightly sweet, nutty flavor and smooth, uniform body – a unique way to differentiate your offerings from the competition!


The full-flavored cheese with unlimited menu possibilities.
Anchor™ Food Professionals Egmont™ Cheese is soft and mild, combining the characteristics of your favorite cheeses: slightly sweet, Gouda-like flavor, a medium Cheddar finish and stretching properties similar to those of mozzarella.

These qualities give Anchor™ Food Professionals Egmont™ Cheese the flexibility to work across any ethnic style of cooking and for a variety of dishes that cross over day-parts.


  • Ideal for melting – try on cheeseburgers or flatbreads and in macaroni and cheese, soups and dips
  • Nutty, creamy and mild flavor is perfect for kids’ meals
  • Versatile formats – blocks or loaves for cubing and slices for burgers and sandwiches


Product Name: Anchor™ FP Egmont™ Bulk
Pack Size: 44.09 lbs
Product Code: 107463


Case GTN: NA
Case Dimensions: 12 x 15′′ x 7′′
Net Weight: 44.09 lbs
TI/HI: 5/9

Product Name: Anchor™ FP Egmont™ Loaves
Pack Size: 2/5.25 lb loaves
Product Code: 113445
UPC: 859401007022
Case GTN: 10859401007029
Case Dimensions: 12.125 x 8 x 4.813
Net Weight: 10.75 lbs
TI/HI: 20/9

Storage & Handling

For best results:

  • Ideal storage condition is 28 - 30 F

Shelf life varies by package format: 

  • Bulk - 36 months from date of production.
  • Loaves - 9 months from date of production.