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Organic Cheddar

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Anchor Food Professionals Organic Cheddar is a young, semihard cheese with a subtle, mild flavor. This high-quality cheese is certified by the USDA National Organic Program, made from farmfresh, grass-fed organic milk and aged up to six months for optimal smooth texture and appealing taste. Your customers will love it!.


A cheese that caters to the organic lifestyle.
Consumer demand for organic foods shows no signs of stopping.
The category represents a major opportunity for retail and foodservice alike, with double-digit sales growth expected in the next few years.
With Anchor™ Food Professionals Organic Cheddar, you can offer customers a premium quality cheese that is rBST free*, grass-fed and organic.
• Milk from grass-fed cows delivers a nutty Cheddar flavor
• Meets consumer demand for certified organic foods.



USDA organic standards2
Organic agriculture methods preserve the environment and avoid the use of synthetic pesticides and antibiotics.
The USDA has defined strict organic standards for farmers and processors to:
• Preserve natural resources and biodiversity
• Support animal health and welfare
• Provide access to the outdoors so that animals can exercise their natural behaviors
• Use only approved materials
• Not use genetically modified ingredients
• Receive annual on-site inspections
• Separate organic food from non-organic food



Product Name: Anchor™ Food Professionals Organic Cheddar
Pack Size: Bulk
Product Code: 111822


Case GTN: 39415007009543
Case Dimensions: 12 x 15′′ x 7′′
Net Weight: 44.09 lbs
TI/HI: 5/9

Product Name: Anchor™ Food Professionals Organic Cheddar
Pack Size: 8/1.5 lb slices
Product Code: 113479
UPC: 859401007039
Case GTN: 10859401007039
Case Dimensions: 12.125′′ x 8′′ x 4.813′′
Net Weight: 12 lbs
TI/HI: 13/8


Storage & Handling

For best results::

• The shelf life under refrigerated conditions (36-39°F) is 36 months from date of production