Old World technique, contemporary appeal.

Kapiti™ Kikorangi is known across New Zealand for its unmistakable flavor and buttery texture – unlike any other blue cheese on the market. With a golden curd and beautiful blue veining, this triple-cream cheese is visually stunning to boot. It’s the ideal blue cheese when you’re looking to add a premium touch to cheese plates and menu pairings.

Kapiti™ Kikorangi (meaning “sky blue” in Maori) is an intense, decadent blue cheese unique to New Zealand. This artisan-inspired cheese has won many awards, including Champion of Champions at the Cuisine NZ Champions of Cheese Awards.

The flavors of Kapiti™ Kikorangi are complex but complementary, intensifying with age. Milk from grass-fed cows lends a golden hue to the curd and translates into a rich, buttery palate with clean acid to balance the indulgent body.

The rind adds a delicious earthy quality, and the finish combines a delicious blue bite with sweet milk and nutty notes.

A rich network of blue veins rounds out the flavor profile and adds visual impact as well.

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Variant name

Kapiti™ Kikorangi Blue Cheese

Unit size

2.2 lbs

Units per outer


Shelf life

154 days

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For best results:

  • The shelf life under refrigerated conditions (36-39°F) is 154 days.
Product Name: Kapiti™ Kikorangi Blue Cheese
Pack Size: 1/2.2 lbs
Product Code: 111261
Case GTN: 10852358001478
Case Dimensions: 8.07" x 5.51" x 4.33"
Net Weight: 2.2 lbs
TI/HI: 333/pallet