Everyday nutrition top of mind for modern consumers 


Nov 15, 2023

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Fonterra showcased an array of sustainably-produced, high-quality and nutritious dairy products at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai 2023.

Around the world, consumers are taking a more holistic and long-term approach to their health and wellbeing, seeking products that offer more benefits to their overall health.

66% of consumers have become more health conscious1, with 56% of consumers generally viewing dairy as having a positive impact on health2

Consumers are now more likely to consider their health in day-to-day decision-making, with spending patterns following an attitude and approach to self-care.​ The rise in the ‘self-care through nutrition’ trend among consumers is likely to continue, providing an opportunity for brands to engage and support consumers.

Family nutrition

Including dairy on your menu is a well-loved way the whole family can address their health and wellbeing needs. Many consumers already perceive milk as inherently nutritious3. They are becoming more aware of the essential nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals, that are naturally rich in dairy. These nutrients make dairy a healthy choice for families to enjoy during meals and snacking occasions.

Consumers are looking to food and drink to help them manage the challenges of modern life4. So, including dairy in your menu is a healthy, convenient and tasty way to help sustain energy for busy lives.

Kids’ growth and development

An impressive 76% of global consumers have become more conscious about their children’s health as a result of the pandemic5, and this figure is set to rise.

Dairy is a great way to support childhood growth and development. The protein and calcium in milk is necessary for growth, development and strength, and contributes to normal development of muscles and bones.

Consumers are taking a more holistic and long-term approach to their children’s health. Nutritional requirements and lifestyle changes are a key consumer focus to support sleep, cognition, muscle growth and bone strength. Parents and caregivers around the world are seeking out products that focus on kids’ growth and development, with iron, calcium, vitamin D and C claims. Dairy milk can be a convenient and nutritious way to help meet these needs. 


Protein helps moderate the appetite throughout the course of the day by encouraging satiety; the feeling of fullness that controls periods in-between meals. It is also linked to reducing food intake at the next eating occasion. Satiety is one of the many beneficial effects protein has to offer. Protein stimulates greater satiety than an equal energy dose of either carbohydrate or fat6.

Eating a higher protein breakfast improves overall daily energy intake more than eating the same amount of protein with consumption skewed later in the day7. Dairy is easily incorporated into meals and snacks consumed at the beginning of the day, with the added convenience of many on-the-go options. Dairy protein is a high quality, complete protein available in varying formats that supports you to feel fuller for longer. It’s an ideal snack to tide you over in between meals. 

The opportunity

The premium quality of New Zealand grass-fed dairy is naturally full of nutrients and great for those who are seeking to enhance their everyday nutrition.  As awareness of health and wellness continues to grow, consumers will demand more nutrition from their consumption occasions. So, with consumers becoming more concerned about their everyday consumption habits by seeking fresh, nutritional products, opportunities exist for cafés, bakeries and restaurants to incorporate more dairy in their menus. 

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