Our butter has a distinct golden colour adding depth and flavour to your dishes​.

Bulk Butter

Anchor™ Bulk Butter

Known around the world for its quality and flavour, our beautiful, golden, New Zealand Anchor Bulk Butter is naturally delicious. Learn more today.

Sheet Butter

Anchor™ Lamination Butter Sheets

Our clever butter sheets are created for simplicity, flexibility, and a delicious buttery taste. Save time prepping butter and speed up production. Learn more today.

Block Butter

Anchor™ Block Butter

Our beautiful and golden New Zealand Anchor Block Butter is naturally delicious. You’ll soon wonder why you ever used anything else. Learn more today.

Anchor™ Pure New Zealand Butter 227 - 454g

A traditional Kiwi butter, Anchor’s 100% pure butter parchment will work wonders for your culinary creations.

Anchor™ Butter Pat

Our convenient smaller format Anchor Pat Butter is a must have for any chef. Work wonders for your culinary creations. Made in New Zealand. Learn more today.

Minidish Butter

Anchor™ Minidish Butter - Anchor

Our delicious New Zealand Anchor Minidish Butter comes in hygienic personal portions, deliciously creamy and convenient. Learn more today.