Joaquim Cake


Jun 03, 2024

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Coconut Dacquoise
225 g Egg Whites
75 g Sugar
40 g Almond Powder
185 g Confectionery Sugar (Icing Sugar)
150 g Grated Coconut (Desiccated)



Tropical Fruits Potpourri 
100 g Mango
80 g Banana
60 g Red Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)
25 g Calamansi Juice
50 g Sugar
100 g Anchor Unsalted Butter
50 g Gelatin Mass (200 bloom)
1 pc Calamansi Zest
1 sprig Mint Leaves



Coconut Cream
335 g Coconut Puree
65 g Gelatin Mass (200 bloom)
240 g Anchor Chefs Classic Whipping Cream
85 g Egg Whites
60 g Sugar
1 pinch Salt
15 g Rum (Optional)



Singapore Orchid Tea Mousse
28 g Orchid Tea
335 g Anchor UHT Milk
85 g Egg Yolks
25 g Sugar
45 g Gelatin Mass (200 bloom)
265 g Anchor Chefs Classic Whipping Cream
80 g Egg Whites
50 g Sugar
1 g Rose Syrup



White Chocolate Chantilly Cream
280 g Anchor Chefs Classic Whipping Cream
65 g White Couverture
15 g Gelatin Mass (200 bloom)



Pink White Chocolate Glaze
90 g Condensed Milk
65 g Gelatin Mass (200 bloom)
75 g Pure Water
125 g Sugar
160 g Glucose
150 g White Couverture
1 g Edible Red Colourant



Coconut Dacquoise 
  1. Mix ground almond, icing sugar and grated coconut
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites and sugar
  3. Fold the dry ingredients in to the egg & sugar mixture & pipe into required rings
  4. Bake at 180ºC for approx. 12-15mins
Tropical Fruits Potpourri
  1. Cut all fruits into big chunk of cubes
  2. In a pot cook half of the mango, banana, calamansi juice + zest and sugar for approximately 3 mins
  3. Add the remaining fruit and cook for another 2 mins
  4. Lastly add in the bloomed gelatin and mint leaves and stir for a further 1 min
  5. Transfer to a ring and freeze


Coconut Cream
  1. Make an Italian Meringue with the egg whites, sugar and salt
  2. Whip up the cream
  3. Melt the bloomed gelatin and mix with the cream, puree, rum and the meringue gently


Singapore Orchid Tea Mousse
  1. Gently brew tea with 80g milk and leave aside
  2. Boil the remaining milk
  3. Meanwhile hand whisk the yolks with 25g sugar
  4. Start the italian meringue with the egg whites and sugar
  5. Add in rose syrups and the milk/tea to the boiling milk
  6. Cook an anglaise with the boiling milk and yolks
  7. Cook until it has reached 85ºC; once cooked mix in the bloomed gelatin and leave to cool
  8. Fold in a little whipped cream to the anglaise followed by the Italian meringue and then the rest of the cream


White Chocolate Chantilly Cream
  1. Boil 150g cream and emulsify with the white chocolate
  2. Add in the rest of the cold cream into the mix, emulsify well
  3. Leave in chiller overnight


Pink White Chocolate Glaze
  1. In a sauce pan, cook together the water, sugar and glucose to 103ºC
  2. Then emulsify with the condensed milk and white couverture using a hand blender or a food processor
  3. Add in the food colouring gently to get a very light pink colour
  4. Mix well and leave in chiller overnight
  5. When in use, heat up to 40ºC and glaze at around 32ºC


  1. Fill up the moulds half way using the orchid tea mousse
  2. Then press in the frozen tropical compote and coconut mousse with the coconut mousse facing down
  3. Fill up to the brim the rest of the orchid mousse and press down with the coconut dacquoise- freeze
  4. Once frozen, unmould and glaze with the pink glaze and decorate with the white chocolate chantilly cream
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