Fonterra Research and Development Centre 


Uncovering the future of dairy

At Fonterra's Research and Development Center (FRDC), innovation is the heart of our mission. For nearly a century, we have been at the forefront of pioneering advancements in dairy technology, driven by our unwavering commitment to delivering sustainable value from New Zealand's world-renowned milk. We focus on all ages and stages of life, while also tackling some of our biggest sustainability challenges and ensuring we produce high quality safe dairy nutrition.

A glimpse into our R&D journey 
  • 1,000 academic papers demonstrates our contribution to the academic community and advancement of research
  • 459+ patents showcase our commitment to research and development 
  • 60+ global partners indicates our commitment to fostering global connections and leveraging collective expertise for mutual growth and innovation 



Leading experts in dairy science

Amongst our team we have a diverse range of skillsets, knowledge, backgrounds, specialties, and personalities to offer - many are respected and recognised as global leaders in their fields. 

Our people
  • 4500 cumulative years of experience
  • 90 PhDs
  • More than 45 countries represented
Research initiatives

Our key areas of focus:

  • Active Living
  • Medical
  • Healthy Aging
  • Infant and Maternal
  • Foodservice
  • Sustainability
  • Complementary Nutrition
  • Food Safety and Quality 
Areas of expertise

Our expertise at FRDC is made up of 350 staff working in:

  • Dairy Science
  • Consumer and Applied testing
  • Product Design
  • Processing and Manufacturing 
  • Health Research 
  • Analytical Chemistry 
  • Microbiology


A history of R&D

We continue to push the boundaries of dairy science and technology solutions. With over 350 employees, we are home to a team of expert scientists, technologists and engineers.