Sora Dessert


Oct 05, 2023

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Black Sesame Pain de Genes
320 g Almond Paste
315 g Eggs
60 g Plain Flour
4 g Baking Powder
100 g Anchor Unsalted Butter (Browned)
120 g Black Sesame Paste
    Anchor Unsalted Butter (For Frying)
Lime Coulis
3 no Lime Zest
120 g Lime Juice
120 g Water
40 g Sugar
4 g Pectin NH
20 g Sugar
Black Cream Cheese Sorbet
360 g Anchor Cream Cheese
450 g Water
100 g Black Sesame Paste
90 g Sugar
90 g Inverted Sugar
4 g Stabilizer
Cream Cheese Crumble
50 g Anchor Unsalted Butter
50 g Anchor Cream Cheese
100 g Ground Almond
100 g Plain Flour
50 g Icing Sugar
50 g Sugar
1 no Lime Zest
Cream Cheese Paste
200 g Anchor Cream Cheese
50 g Anchor UHT Milk
30 g Syrup
Sesame Tuille
100 g Sesame Seeds (White and Black 70:30 Ratio)
60 g Anchor Unsalted Butter (Melted)
30 g Plain Flour
100 g Icing Sugar
50 g Lime Juice
Lime Foam
150 g Lime Juice
100 g Syrup
250 g Water
4 g Lecithin
Black Sesame Pain de Genes
  1. Warm almond paste to 50°C.​
  2. In a mixer with whisk attachment, whip almond paste then add eggs gradually.​
  3. Sift plain flour and baking powder and gently add into the mixes, mix well ensure no lumps​.
  4. Temper browned Anchor Unsalted Butter with some batter and fold in with the rest of the batter​.
  5. Add sesame paste and mix well until smooth​.
  6. Rest the past overnight​.
  7. Next day, transfer to piping bag and pipe batter into silicon mould 5cm(L) x 2.5cm(W) x 1cm(H)​.
  8. Bake at 155°C in convection oven with closed vent for 15 minutes​.
  9. When needed, pan fry black sesame pain de genes with a little Anchor Unsalted Butter.
  10. Set aside to cool.
Lime Coulis
  1. Mix 20g sugar with pectin. ​
  2. In a pot, heat lime zest, lime juice, water and 40g sugar​.
  3. At 40°C, sprinkle sugar-pectin over lime mixture, bring to boil​.
  4. Strain and let cool before transfer into squeeze bottle.
Black Sesame Cream Cheese Sorbet
  1. Mix some sugar with stabilizer​.
  2. In a pot, warm water to 40°C then add in the stabilizer-sugar mixture, follow by the inverted sugar.
  3. Pasteurize mixture to 85°C and mix in cream cheese and black sesame paste and allow to cool and store in chiller for at least 4 hours before churning in machine​.
  4. Quenelle and serve immediately.
Cream Cheese Crumble
  1. In a mixer with paddle attachment, add all ingredients and mix until sandy texture.​
  2. Transfer to Silpat evenly.​
  3. Bake at 155°C in convection oven for 12-15 minutes​.
  4. Grate lime zest over crumble immediately after baked.
Cream Cheese Paste
  1. Using a hand blender, blend all ingredients until smooth.​
  2. Store in chiller until ready to use.
Sesame Tuille
  1. Mix all ingredients to form a paste​.
  2. Prepare round stencil in two sizes (Ø= 3.5cm and 3cm)​.
  3. Using round stencil, spread mixture onto Silpat. ​
  4. Bake at 150°C in convection oven for 10 minutes.
Lime Foam
  1. In large bowl, add all ingredients​.
  2. Using a hand blender, blend until foam forms.
  1. Prepare a crescent shape stencil length at 18cm and width of both ends at 1.5cm and width of mid-crescent at 1.7cm​.
  2. On a serving plate, place stencil and spread cream cheese paste and comb through with a jagged edge scrapper​.
  3. On the outer sides of cheese paste, squeeze from bottle the lime coulis​.
  4. Place 2 pieces of pan-fried black sesame pain de genes, one cut into half diagonally.
  5. Sprinkle cream cheese crumble on plate​.
  6. Quenelle a black sesame cream cheese sorbet on top of crumble​.
  7. Place sesame tuille and finish with lime foam. 
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