Anchor™ Bulk Butter

Nothing beats a better butter

Beautiful, golden, pure New Zealand butter. Known around the world for its quality and flavour, it’s naturally delicious. And you’ll soon wonder why you ever used anything else. 

Made in New Zealand

Made in New Zealand, this butter has a beautiful yellow colour. 

Naturally delicious

Made with high-quality pasteurised cream.

A true all-rounder

Pastries, desserts, cakes, icing, baking, biscuits or sauces… you get the idea. 

Expertise comes from experience

And that’s why we create world-class ingredients that perform under pressure, all day, every day, all year round.


Halal and Kosher.


Contains Milk and Dairy products.

Anchor Bulk Butter

  Unit size Units per outer Shelf life Item code
Anchor Bulk Butter Unsalted 25kg 1 24 months 110455
Anchor Bulk Butter Salted  25kg 1 24 months 110241
Anchor Food Professionals Bulk Butter

Anchor Food Professionals Butter is a perishable food.  In order to preserve its pure, clean flavour it should be:

  • Kept frozen at -10°C to -25°C in accordance with importing country regulations.

  • Kept away from odours.

  • Kept out of direct sunlight.

  • Used strictly in rotation.