Dairy gets creative with new flavours and cuisines


Sep 25, 2023

4 mins read

Fonterra’s Core Dairy Category Innovation Insights Lead, Nick Hall, takes a look at the rising trend for new flavours and cuisines in markets with changing tastes and preferences.

In 2023, the demand for varied cuisines has become a global trend. As flavour and sensory preferences collide, this new territory provides businesses with an amazing opportunity to expand dairy consumption in markets with unique needs and desires. This consumer trend for new flavours and cuisines includes countless possibilities to explore micro trends like flavour innovation and fusion culture.

Flavour innovation 

Consumers are increasingly looking for new flavours that take their senses on a real journey. Foodservice businesses offering the next new flavour experience that satisfies this craving, are well-positioned to gain further market share. By experimenting with unexpected flavours, textures, colours and aroma, you can create a multisensory experience for their consumers. You can make these experiences truly memorable by focussing on unique food and beverage combinations as well as limited edition product launches.1

Around the world, consumers are seeking out new and different flavours 

44% of Thai consumers aged 18-34 are inspired to try new flavours that go viral on social media2

25% of Canadian consumers aged 25-44 find unexpected flavours in baked goods appealing2 

50% of Japanese consumers look for new foods and flavours to try all or most of the time2

While exploring new flavour sensations, consumers are drawn to indulgent products that offer health benefits. Businesses can offer the perfect solution by highlighting the natural health benefits of dairy such as calcium, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals. 

Fusion culture

With consumers eager to broaden their culinary horizons, the sophistication of food mash-ups is certainly trending. Social media plays a big part in fusion culture, with people using these platforms to express themselves. Consumers are finding enjoyment and entertaining their wider social circles by showcasing their sophisticated tastes in new and unusual food and beverages. 

The fusion culture trend also explores aroma, texture, and virtual/technological experiences. As a sensory attribute, aroma can unlock new food and beverage product launches that offer consumers moments of relaxation and even evoke memories.6 By amplifying textures, you can provide variety and new interactions with flavours while broadening the versatility of a product.

Excite consumers with new flavours and cuisine 

Flavour innovation and fusion culture can all help consumers to explore new flavours and cuisine. The opportunities for foodservice businesses to focus on these trends and develop new and exciting products are practically limitless.