Versatile, stable and delicious, we have a cream perfect for your kitchen​.

Natural Goodness

No artificial flavours or colours.

Cook, whip, pour…and more

All with the goodness of Western European dairy.

Longer shelf life

Lasts up to 12 months. 

Whipping Cream

Anchor™ Chef's Classic Whipping Cream

Our Anchor Whipping Cream is an all-round wonder - perfect for pouring, whipping, decorating, and adding delicious texture and flavour. Learn more today.

Culinary Cream

Anchor™ Extra Yield Cooking Cream European Sourced

Our Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream saves you time in a fast-paced environment. Pre-thickened, making deliciously creamy pasta a breeze. Learn more today.

Anchor™ Dessert & Cooking Cream

Our Anchor Dessert and Cooking Cream is a smooth and creamy European dairy cream, designed to deliver reliable performance across a range of kitchen creations from dessert to cooking recipes. Learn more today.

Anchor™ Culinary Cream European Sourced

Our Anchor Culinary Cream reduces cooking time, food cost and wastage. Specially formulated to hold high temperatures, it’s ideal to cook, chill and reheat. Learn more today.