Anchor™ Dessert & Cooking Cream

Your Light & Creamy Kitchen Companion

A smooth and creamy European dairy cream, designed to deliver reliable performance across a range of kitchen creations from dessert to cooking recipes. A real dairy cream that won’t just look and taste great, but will give you great results. 

Key Benefits
Light & creamy flavour

A delicious taste and smooth texture of real dairy cream balances perfectly with other ingredients. 

Heat & acid stable

Robust performance in a wide range of cooking applications. 

Reduce prep time

A partially reduced cream means shorter cooking time, yield savings and great consistency. 


The only cream for all your culinary & dessert needs. 

“Dairy cream isn’t just for sweet treats – it also complements flavours found in savoury dishes, while adding rich texture and a smooth mouthfeel to soups and sauces. Its ability to incorporate air also creates lightness, perfect for aerating mousses and rillettes.”



Anything but ordinary.

 This high-performance culinary cream is a chef’s best friend – perfect for pastas, soups, dessert and more.

Anchor Culinary Cream

Unit size Units per outer Shelf life Item code
1L 12 7 months 121104

Anchor Dessert & Cooking Cream is a UHT product. The product is not suitable for firm whip performance. For best results:

  • Store chilled (between 2°C and 4°C) at all times. Do not freeze.
  • Avoid temperature cycling (heated to >10°C, and  back to chilled) as this will adversely impact the  functional properties of the product.
  •  Keep out of direct sunlight and protect from heat  sources.
  •  Use strictly in date code rotation. The production  and expiry dates are coded on each individual  pack.
  • Once opened, refrigerate and consume within  3 days.