UHT cream – dairy or non-dairy?

Dairy Expertise

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UHT (ultra-heat treated) cream or long-life cream is exposed to high temperatures for a short period of time, before it’s packed into sterilised Tetra Pak cartons and delivered to your kitchen to last up to nine months or so.

But did you know that while UHT dairy creams are made with fresh cream, UHT non-dairy creams can be made with vegetable oil, which can make your creations feel a bit flabby and dull. 

Here’s the low down on the differences:

UHT dairy cream
  • Made using fresh cream. 
  • Has no added colours or flavours. 
  • Usually has no added sugar. 
  • Delivers the natural taste of dairy with a great texture. 
  • Highly functional and flexible.
UHT non-dairy cream can be
  • Made from processed vegetable oils.
  • Has added colours and flavours.
  • Has an oily mouthfeel. 
  • Has added sugar and may contain nasty trans-fats.
  • Mostly used as a decorative topping on cakes and desserts.