Cream Cheese

Traditionally cultured, truly-versatile cream cheese that is crafted to look as good as it tastes.

Great bake stability

Gives a smooth texture with less cracking or slumping.

A customer favourite

Smooth body, creamy flavour – blends beautifully with sweet and savoury. 

Works harder

Can be easily blended with lower-cost ingredients.

Cream Cheese
Anchor Cream Cheese Traditional Style

With its delightfully creamy flavour, Anchor Cream Cheese is made to blend beautifully into all your creations. Sweet. Savoury. Or even on its own – this little wonder is a big hit in both hot and cold recipes. This mild cream cheese brings outstanding texture to any recipe – so it won’t just look and taste great, but give you great results.

Anchor Soft Style Cream Cheese

The only cream cheese you will need - blends in perfectly with a wide range of sweet and savoury flavours, in both hot and cold applications.