Our Global Supply Chain

Our Network, Your Advantage

That’s because as the foodservice brand of global dairy experts Fonterra, we have with offices in 14 global locations, and a vast distribution network.
With customers in over 130 countries, we’re the world’s leading dairy exporter – giving our customers access to significant experience in international supply chain and market access.
Our network of global product sourcing options offers our customers flexibility, confidence and consistency.

Supply Benefits

Our varied sourcing options can help with everything from shipping & timing to logistics.

Delivery Confidence

Reduced supply risks, enhanced dependability and supporting source diversification.

Consistent Quality

Strict quality standards ensure all our products meet our customers' expectations.

Uncompromising safety and quality

Fonterra's best-in-class processes ensure the safety and quality of every single one of our Anchor Food Professionals products.


On Farm

The safety of our Anchor Food Professionals products starts on the farm – from one of the thousands of Fonterra farming families. Our farmers have uncompromising standards when it comes to ensuring the safety and quality of their milk, which is a real source of pride.

Milk Collection

Milk is collected every day from our Fonterra farmers. There are strict and thorough processes in place for checking the safety, quality and purity of milk, so we can keep delivering millions of litres of safe, high quality milk, that meets our exceptionally high standards.


In New Zealand, Fonterra owns over 26 manufacturing sites where Anchor Food Professionals products are made. We have a world-class approach when it comes to food safety and quality, conducting extensive testing throughout the manufacturing process and on the finished product.