Rich, creamy butter.  Beautifully crafted from pure New Zealand pasteurised creams, it’s butter that’s naturally delicious.  

Bulk Butter

Anchor Tinned Butter

Our Anchor Tinned Butter brings a delicious flavour to all your baking and cooking. With a longer shelf life, it can be stored at ambient temperature. Learn more today.

Sheet Butter

Anchor Lamination Butter Sheets

Our clever butter sheets are created for simplicity, flexibility, and a delicious buttery taste. Save time prepping butter and speed up production. Learn more today.

Block Butter

Anchor Block Butter

Our beautiful and golden New Zealand Anchor Block Butter is naturally delicious. You’ll soon wonder why you ever used anything else. Learn more today.

Minidish Butter

Anchor Minidish Butter

Our delicious New Zealand Anchor Minidish Butter comes in hygienic personal portions, deliciously creamy and convenient. Learn more today.