Le Cheesecake


Feb 13, 2023

1 min read

Serving: 2 cakes of 18 Cm

  • 110g Flour T55 
  • 3g Baking Powder 
  • 60g Almond Powder 
  • 60g Sugar 
  • 110g Anchor Bulk Butter 82% 
  • 2g Salt

  • 300g Biscuit Mix 
  • 30g Anchor Bulk Butter
Cream Cheese:

  • 1560g Anchor Cream Cheese 
  • 750g Mascarpone Cheese 
  • 360g Anchor Chef’s Classic Whipping Cream 
  • 60g Flour T55 
  • 600g Egg 
  • 650g Sugar 
  • 3p Vanilla Beans
  1. Preheat oven to 150°C.
  2. In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients until its well combined.
  3. Cut the butter into cubes, add it to the dry ingredients and mix until a crumble is formed.
  4. Transfer the mixture onto a 16cm x 16cm tray then bake at 150 °C for 15 minutes.
  1. In a mixer, add the biscuit mix and Anchor Bulk Butter. Combine until an even mixture is formed.
Cream Cheese:
  1. Add all the cream cheese ingredients to a food processor and combine until even texture is formed.
  1. Preheat oven to 180°C.
  2. Add 180g of the crust mix to each of the bottom layer of 18cm ring moulds.
  3. Pour the Cream Cheese mixture over the crust mix and bake at 180°C for 30 minutes.



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Le Cheesecake

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