Produce the Perfect Pizza


Aug 23, 2023

16 mins read

The citizens of Naples are famously credited with inventing the pizza as we know it in 1889 in honour of the king's wife, Margherita. Today pizza is the world’s most popular food.   

Consumers today want great tasting quality pizzas, served fast, made from natural ingredients. The perfect pizza has delicious flavour, texture and abundant fresh toppings. Every slice should have an appealing and flavoursome balance of ingredients and so should the pizza as a whole.

Mozzarella Cheese is often said to be the “soul of the pizza”, the star that harmonises the flavours. It is an essential ingredient, both to hold your pizza topping on its base, and to impart a unique mouth feel. The visible appeal of the golden melted cheese and quality of its stretch as the slice is lifted off the pizza can make for an unforgettable experience.

Using a quality mozzarella in pizza making will ensure minimal oiling, plus a consistent melt, cheese flow, stretch and mouthfeel. All extremely important to ensure an attractive and flavoursome finished pizza.


Stretch creates a great first impression and signals the abundance of fresh toppings and freshness, it also adds theatre and anticipation of eating the delicious pizza.


Mozzarella’s superior melt and coverage qualities result in a delicious, authentic pizza experience every time.


To enjoy a delicious, authentic pizza experience every time it is important to use ingredients that will create consistent appearance, flavour and texture.

Anchor Food Professionals Extra Stretch IQF Mozzarella Cheese is 100% Mozzarella that is individually Quick Frozen to lock in the optimum functionality which ensures that it will always deliver the fresh quality and authentic taste that pizza lovers are looking for.

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Delivering excellence every time

Foodservice delivery was already taking off before 2020 ... and then COVID happened. While a shock, it made many businesses pivot to find new ways of setting up fast, convenient delivery models. And that meant new ways of thinking around pricing and cost management, updated menus, websites, communicating with customers, staff management plus extra food safety and hygiene measures.

Ready to reopen

In our COVID-19 world, social distancing is the new normal for so many of us. But keeping six feet of space between each other may take some getting used to – especially in busy restaurants! Although reopening guidelines come from a number of sources and differ geographically, there are a few common themes that have been tried and tested.

Wild Mushroom Camembert Log Pizza

Wild mushrooms, Mainland Camembert, baby spinach & hazelnut pizza.

Korean Fried Chicken Pizza

Gochujang glazed fried chicken, braised potato, capsicum & kimchi.

Steak & Blue Cheese Pizza

Mainland Blue cheese & seared rump cap w/ mushrooms, caramelized red onion & heirloom tomatoes.

Peruvian Lamb Pizza

Cumin roasted Lamb, egg, chilli, potatoes, olives & huancaina sauce.

The Natural Goodness of Dairy is the Natural Choice

Consumers today want great tasting and quality products that are made from natural ingredients.

Social Food

Consumers have always eaten with their eyes first. And now a staggering number also eat with their smartphones and social media accounts before picking up their fork.

Produce the Perfect Pizza

The citizens of Naples are famously credited with inventing the pizza as we know it in 1889 in honour of the king's wife, Margherita. Today pizza is the world’s most popular food.

Chilli & Prosciutto Fugazzeta

Cheese stuffed pizza topped w/ charred onion, parmesan, oregano & crisp prosciutto.

Turmeric Chicken Pide

Turmeric roasted chicken, char-grilled courgette, roast capsicum, spinach, coriander yoghurt & crispy spiced chickpeas.

Garlic Cream Cheese Pizza

Garlic & herb cream cheese white pizza.

Kāpiti Te Tihi Premium Aged Cheddar Supreme Award

Last night NZ cheesemakers from around New Zealand celebrated at the annual NZ Champions of Cheese Awards, following the judging of more than 310 cheeses from 35 cheese companies.

Butter, Naturally Pure

A meal that tastes good is just as important to your customers as one that’s good for them - and butter has a deliciously unique flavour that will easily elevate your menu.

Creamy Mushroom Soup

A delicious creamy soup for fall. Made with fresh mushrooms and Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream.

Choosing the right type of cream

Cream is one of the most versatile ingredients your bakery or kitchen can stock – you can pour it, whip it, and add it to everything from drinks and desserts to pasta sauces and soups.

Red Velvet Petit Cakes

Topped with cream cheese frosting, raspberries & pistachios, this sweet treat bursts with colour and flavour.

Sticky Date Lamington

Sticky Date Lamington with caramel mousse & spiced coconut.


Affogato is an Italian espresso based dessert, but we have used cold brew for a more complex flavour and nutty finish.

Salted Toffee & Chocolate Baked Cheesecake

A combination of salted toffee and chocolate for a tasty cheesecake!

Pork belly & smoked cheddar croquettes

Pork belly & smoked cheddar croquettes.

Smoked Mushroom & Kikorangi Burger with Salsa Verde

Make Veggie Burgers an easy choice.

American BBQ Pork Rib Burger

Give the classic Beef Burger an epic twist.

Crispy Potato Skins Parmesan

Complete an epic meal with an epic side of Crispy Potato Skins.

Pulled Pork Brie Burger

Mouth watering pulled pork perfection in a burger.

Butter poached prawns

Butter poached prawns.

Duck Havarti Burger

Go to Havarti Heaven with this delicious dish.

Meatball Feta Sub

Mountains of Meatballs and flavoursome Feta - this combo is a winner.



Crispy Pork Hock

Side dishes are often overlooked when chefs are creating menus, however a little effort with the humble potato and you can create a gratin side that will elevate any dish on your menu well beyond the fried chip.

Wagyu Bavette

Yes you read that right. Beernaise! The classic béarnaise with a modern craft beer twist. Harness the power of sour beer in place of your vinegar element.

Twice Baked Croissant

This is a fantastic way to utilise any left-over baked croissants by simply adding value with a unique and delicious twist – how can anyone resist a buttery croissant filled with creamy baked cheesecake and toasty crumble?

Kingfish & Scampi Ceviche

A light meal of fresh seafood served with Avocado Labneh.

Coconut Sable Breton

These unique pastry cases are a perfect solution – they do not require any blind baking as they rise during baking & collapse in the middle on cooling which gives the tart case a perfect centre to pipe a variety of different fillings into.

Black Velvet Roulade

This is a comforting ‘old school’ recipe that I wanted to bring back & showcase with a unique twist – thoughts of my mum baking roulades for family dinners & tussling over the largest slice always brings fond memories.

Seasonal Fruit Pie

This rustic fruit pie will show your customers you care enough to make from scratch. Showing that you are using fresh ingredients through the seasonality of the produce you use, highlighting delicious New Zealand fruit at their peak.

Steamed Mussels & Clams

Steamed Mussels & Clams with feijoa chilli cream, beer bread & lemon kawakawa butter. A versatile dish that truly celebrates some iconic Kiwi flavours and ingredients.

Garlic & Rosemary Pide

Pide is a great way to elevate your pizza offering across your menu, selling as a shared dish for the table, by the slice, or mix ‘n’ match slices.

Labneh Gnocchi, Kina & Egmont Cacio E Pepe

To make a simple, quick and cost-effective gnocchi I have used labneh. Simply hang your Dewinkel Natural Unsweetened Yoghurt overnight and use this as a substitute for ricotta with a point of difference and a little wow factor.

Lamb Shank Ragout, Kumara & Egmont Top Pie

Everybody loves a modern classic and it doesn’t get much more kiwi classic than lamb shank and kumara.

Chocolate Tart

This is a seriously indulgent dessert – the sharpness of the passionfruit and the creaminess of the cheesecake balances well with the deeply rich & dark chocolate tart.

Beef Cheek & Egmont Empanadas

Flaky and cheesy pastry triangles filled with slow-cooked beef cheek and grated Egmont cheese.

Egmont Rēwena Bread

Rēwena is a traditional Māori bread. A simple and easy potato sourdough that is super versatile, with a great story and provenance to boot.

Labneh Cheese

A great way of getting a double use from your yoghurt; Strain the yoghurt to separate the whey and create Labneh ‘yoghurt cheese’.

Egmont Scone

Mainland Egmont Cheese has a mild cheddar saltiness with a sweet and subtle nuttiness, this flavour carries well making it perfect for baking as a topping or ingredient.

Warm Parmesan Pound Cake

Warm armesan Pound Cake with whipped cream cheese, berries & basil sugar.

Smoked Kahawai Lasagne & Parmesan Snow

Smoked Kahawai Lasagne & Parmesan Snow with scallops & burnt butter bechamel.

Parmesan Broth & Seared Snapper

Mainland Parmesan Broth & Seared Snapper with orzo risotto & charred leek.

Parmesan Polenta Porridge

Parmesan Polenta Porridge Lamb ragu and Parmesan porcini crunch.

Crispy Fried Cauliflower, Caper Labneh & Kikorangi

Taking inspiration from the crispiness and spice of fried chicken in a modern vegetarian alternative.

Za'atar Crumbed Mainland Haloumi Nuggets

Za'atar crumbed Mainland Haloumi Nuggets with spiced chilli honey, mint & labneh.

Charred Greens, Skordalia & Whipped Feta

Inspired by the beauty and range of produce available seasonally in spring.

Haloumi & Oyster Mushroom Pappardelle

Mainland Haloumi & Oyster Mushroom Pappardelle with brazil nut pesto & cured egg yolk.

Cypriot Tiropita Halloumi & Mint Cake

Cypriot Tiropita Halloumi & Mint Cake with w/ pork afelia, zhoug and haloumi crisps.

Fried Mainland Haloumi & Warm Lemon Laban

Loukaniko sausage, crispy chickpeas & poached eggs.

Smoked Beef & Mushroom Cigars

New York has one of the most energetic food scenes on the planet, and we’ve put it all into a single mouthful; smokey brisket from downtown Brooklyn.

Frozen Yoghurt Bark

Crumble over pancakes, cereal or on top of your morning granola and yoghurt.

Morrocan Spiced Snapper Wings

Snapper wings, or throats as they are sometimes referred to, have been a staple in recent years and with good reason – they are delicious and cheap!

A Celebration Of Beets

This dish is a true celebration of everything beetroot – roasted, pickled and fresh.

Burnt Butter Lamb

This dish is inspired by the truly earthy and bold umami flavour notes of our Kāpiti Ramara washed rind.

Egmont Pan De Yuca

Cassava cheese bread rolls filled with 3 cheese cream, & tamarillo hot sauce.

Wild Mushroom Fries

Let your customers get the most out of each visit and upgrade your snack options to create a buzz around something ordinary that you have taken to the next level.

Creole Fried Chicken Parmi

Creole Fried Chicken Parmi with kumara fries and winter seasonal salad. Already an Aussie pub staple, and now seen on lots of Kiwi menus, this is quickly becoming everybody’s new ‘go to’ on pub menus.

Pineapple & Lime Cheesecake

A delicious Pineapple and Lime Cheesecake.

American BBQ Pork Rib Burger

American BBQ is a tradition of long slow cooked meats dating back to the 1800s.


A Korean dish with a twist! Deep fried chicken, pizza topping flavours, and a hit of spice - all balanced out with our smooth Mozzarella cheese. Try out this Korean-inspired dish that will delight all the senses!