It's a relationship founded on care, respect and an understanding that when nature thrives, we all thrive.

When combined with our lush, green pastures, fertile soil, and cool, clear waters, the results are incredible – outstanding, great-tasting nutritious food and drink, from a place you can trust.

This video showcases what makes New Zealand food and beverage so outstanding.

It highlights the care shown by our people and how this sets our products apart. All the people featured in the video are part of the New Zealand food and beverage industry.

New Zealand food and beverage is:


New Zealanders have a reputation for being highly trustworthy people who genuinely care about doing the right thing – even when nobody's watching. We put integrity at the centre of everything we do, and we truly value our relationships, to the land, to the animals, to our customers and to the future generations to come.


What do you get when you take New Zealand's young, nutrient-rich soil, lush pastures, temperate climate and unspoiled coastlines with cool, clear waters, and combine it with the care, attention and expertise of our producers? Delicious, world-class food and drink, bursting with incredible flavour.

Premium Quality

New Zealand exports more than half the food we produce, delivering premium-quality food and beverage products to millions of people in more than 140 countries. Generations of knowledge and experience means our people know how to get the very best from nature.


Sustainability is at the heart of New Zealand's food and beverage industry and our farmers, growers, fishers and producers are deeply committed to not just playing our part in reducing our environmental impact, but to leading the change. Kaitiakitanga, the Māori concept of care for people and place, now and for future generations, underpins everything we do.


New Zealand's strong sunlight and low levels of air pollution mean that New Zealand-grown plants and fruit, particularly grape seeds, kiwifruit and blackcurrants, have higher levels of antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds, which can offer protection against the development of a range of diseases.