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The Smokehouse Pizza

  • 1 x Large pizza dough
  • 1 x ladle Napoli or Pizza sauce
  • 80g pork belly
  • 50g meatballs
  • 50g pork rib – stripped from the bone
  • 30g red & green capsicum
  • 30g diced fresh tomato
  • 140g Anchor IQF mozzarella shred
  • 2 tbsp blue cheese ranch dressing
  • Chopped chives

You will need:


Prepare a 12 inch margarita pizza


Top with and even distribution of pork belly, meatballs, pork rib, capsicums and mozzarella


Bake pizza and  before serving - garnish with a drizzle of blue cheese ranch dressing and chopped chives