Great ingredients, great tea macchiato, great business

15 May 2018 2 Min Read

Tea houses in Asia are revolutionising the centuries-old beverage - by adding a frothy layer of cream cheese on top of tea. They call this innovative drink - ‘tea macchiato’.

Tea macchiato consists of freshly made iced tea, topped with a mixture of cream cheese, whipping cream, and sometimes milk. The young and educated consumers, who keep updated with the latest trends’ are willing to queue for hours just to take a sip. 

Hundreds of new tea houses are popping up every few months throughout Vietnam, and there are many variations of tea macchiato as stores differentiate their offering, from introducing new flavour combinations, giving their tea a novel name, or using the best ingredients to create the best possible experience. 

We recently shared our Salted Cream Cheese Topping recipe with our customers to keep our customers abreast of new flavour trends.  This unusual combination pairs surprisingly well with the slightly sweet and bitter taste of iced teas, and our customers and their consumers love it. The recipe has been adopted by most of our customers, with each one adding their twist to make it uniquely theirs.

But the core of a great tea macchiato is great ingredients. Anchor Food Professionals cream cheese, whipping cream and milk are produced from grass-fed cows, which gives a distinct and a more natural taste to our products. And when they are whipped together until smooth and creamy, then ladled on top of fresh, good quality tea, the simple tea macchiato stands out from the rest.

A tea macchiato
The ingredients needed to make a great tea macchiato