Gouda Cheese

Creamier than its cheddar cheese counterparts, Anchor Food Professionals Gouda has a mild, nutty flavour that's especially good for cheeseboards.

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Formats available
10 x 2kg

Meets Halal requirements

Suggested Uses


A cheeseboard standout: Gouda's subtle flavour pairs well with many other foods normally found on a cheeseboard.


Adding a special touch: Gouda's creamy texture makes it a more gourmet ingredient for pastas and other baked dishes


Sandwiches and salads: This cheese is also great for stacking in sandwiches and adding to salads.

Storage & Handling

  • The packaged product is to be stored and transported at +2C to +6C

Shelf Life

  • If stored under recommended conditions the product will have a shelf life of 365 days.