Cared for Cows

We believe our cows are among the best cared for in the world. Our farmers take their wellbeing seriously, ensuring they are treated with respect throughout their lives, are healthy, productive and well cared for. 

Our New Zealand farmers partner with experts to grow healthy, nutrient-rich grass. Because healthy cows make milk that’s full of goodness. Better for them. Better for your recipes. 
Natural behaviour

Our dairy cows love their life as naturally as possible, roaming their paddocks, at home in New Zealand's dairy landscapes. They are free to eat, drink and socialise with other cows, expressing their natural behaviours. 

Healthy cows

Our pasture-based grazing system naturally provides a high level of animal wellbeing, which means our cows are healthy and live longer. 

Nutured cows

We believe our cows are amongst the best cared for cows in the world and that the way we nurture our cows makes them happy. They experience the outdoors, a more natural way of living with freedom from all growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics, and the care of truly dedicated farmers. 

Independently certified

Our Cared for Cows Standard is certified and audited annually by AsureQuality, an independent Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). 

Our pasture-based grazing system naturally provides a high level of animal wellbeing  

The way we farm in New Zealand means cows have access to outdoor pasture all year​ round​. In fact, our Fonterra cows spend on average 97% of their time outside on pasture. At over 350 days a year​, that’s​ more than anywhere else in the world.