Lock in price. Lock out uncertainty.

Uncertainty in dairy product price and supply can make it difficult to plan ahead. And that can affect your menus, your margins – and your customers. 

Key benefits.

Build better budgets and forecast the for the future by fixing your price and supply.

Plan ahead with confidence.

Keep working, knowing you can deliver quality products to your customers, every time.

Stay a step ahead.

Stay a step ahead and ignore price fluctuations by locking in your dairy products’ price and supply.

Focus on what matters.

Concentrate on delivering great products and growing your business, knowing you have some pricing certainty.

Drive innovation.

Enjoy the freedom to innovate and inspire new food creations without worrying about cost and supply.


Business is better when you know what’s coming.

PriceLock protects you from dairy product price fluctuations and secures your supply and price for up to 18 months, so you can focus on growing your foodservice business.

Bring on the benefits to your business!

Create and control menus with real certainty, knowing you’ll have the dairy products you need – at a price that delivers consistent margins.
Hit your budget targets and give more accurate forecasts with a locked-in price – as well as supply when you need it.
Avoid unexpected cost increases and supply uncertainty, so you can  focus on your strategy and business growth with confidence.


Discover how we can help

Remember greater certainty of costs means greater certainty of profits. Discover what Anchor Food Professionals PriceLock can do for your business today.

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